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Fusaro Lake

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In the Phlegrean Fields’ eastern zone, there is the small lake of Fusaro that the ancient identified with the ancient Palude Acherusia, communicating with the sea through two canals.
In the middle of lake, on a small island of volcanic origin linked to the terra-firma through a small ancient wooden bridge, there is the Royal Building, ordered by Ferdinando IV in 1782 and built by the architect Carlo Vanvitelli, in a place that let fishing and seasonal hunting.
The place was dedicated to his second wife Lucia Migliaccio, Duchess of Floridia.
The polygonal map building, Consisting in two floors, was planned by Vanvitelli carefully.
Inside the precious San Leucio sink and the "Cycle of four seasons" by Hackert made it charming.
Unfortunately, the wonderful inside furniture were socked during the riots of the Parthenopean Republic, in 1799, and later, in the last war.
Used as a hunting place the smallest building became later the favourite place of artist and political scholars.
Among these people we remember Mozart, Rossini, Metternich, Russia’s Zar, Vittorio Emanuele III and the President Einaudi.

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