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Averno Lake

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Going along the Domitiana towards north, it is possible to see the famous Averno Lake, that was thought to be the hell entrance .
The lake was born from a volcanic crater, today estinguished. During the past it was the place of the Sybil's prophets, of misterious caves and the sacred forest loved by Proserpina.
This lake sung by Homer and Virgilius gives a very different sight from the one given in ancient tunes.
First since the first modificatione was made by Agrippa through the construction of a little harbour called Julius Harbour, because the whole area was to become a military and sea fortress.
But in september 1538 the eruption of Monte Nuovo devasted the whole zone; the unespected volcanic formation on the east side of the Lake Lucrino destroyed the last Greek and Roman ruins.
Changed the names and the morphological aspects of the landscape, nothing has remained of the original place.
Today the mortal breath of the Averno Lake is over. The birds fly on that water where once the dead shadows passed into the Ade,s Kingdom and where commom people used to go to ask about the misterius of future.

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