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Diana's Temple Therma

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It’s a big area that for its outside octagonal plan circular inside, for the alternate presence of apsed and rectangular niches reminds the lower floor of the other bigger terrace of the Apollo’s Temple on the Averno Lake there are eight large windows, five of which are still kept, and above the apsed niches open the inferior part of.
The monument appears covered as far as below the window floor and destroyed in its whole inner-part.
The analogy with the other circular halls of Baia let us suppose that Diana’s Temple was a big “sudationes” area or a big “piscina” to collect waters.
This last hypothesis seems to be confirmed by the fact that the hall is situated next to the side of the hill to favour the interception of the source flow.
The other semi-buried and not recognizable buildings around, were part of the thermal area where the Templ

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