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Le prime notizie relative all'uso terapeutico delle acque termali di Baia risalgono circa al 178 a.C. quando il console Gneo Cornelio, affetto da artrite, andò a curarsi con le "Acque di Cuma"
Altre notizie ci giungono da Plinio e da Celso, che magnificavano i caldi vapori di queste acque. Queste acque diedero a Baia il
Other reports come from Plinius and doctor Celso, that celebrated the hot steam of these waters. These waters gave Baia the rare privilege of natural "Sudationes" baths, thermal cures in the myrtle smell and balsamic area.
Baia is the largest thermo-mineral plant we know different by nature, distribution and working, from the other plants of the Roman thermal architecture.
It’s a great building that stretches from the hills bottom beside 450 waters until the top and it offers the widest view of the two sides of the Puteoli and Naples gulf.
The thermal area, preserved in good conditions, whose entrance from the "Sella di Baia" encloses an itinerary that can be divided into 4 principal thermal sites

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